S4 水塘动态壁纸 Free Download for Android (Updated 2019)

S4 水塘动态壁纸 Free Download Latest Version: If you want to download this amazing app for your android, so you can download it from our website.

S4 水塘动态壁纸

The “S4 Pool Live Wallpaper” launched by Baizi Technology is the most realistic, richest and most fun dynamic water wallpaper on Google Store. It is being downloaded and spread at an incredible rate and has received rave reviews. The current update adds more interesting features, and you can choose from a variety of colorful fish and our well-designed river bed backgrounds. 

Hundreds of S4 pool live wallpapers, rendered with OpenGL 2.0 3D technology, not only showcases amazing water effects, but also provides perfect interaction. You can feel the effect of a wave of waves by swiping the screen. By touching, you can create the beautiful 涟漪 you want to see. The realistic bounce effect is even more shocking. 

Apart from playing with the water, the Baishui S4 Pool offers many other interesting ways to send a dull moment and bring you joy. For example, you can touch the fish and see them flying fast, you can also change your background to make your eyes shine. 

– Other information 
S4 Pool PRO is suitable for tablets and smartphones. 
It only consumes power when the screen is lit, so it won’t consume too much power. 

– Important: This is a live wallpaper and therefore won’t show up in your app list. Need to set the menu, select the wallpaper, then select the live wallpaper, select the Baizi S4 pool in the list to set. 

Hundreds of S4 Reservoir Live Wallpaper

The pond, using OpenGL2.0 for 3D rendering, is not only a surprising water picture but also has the best full interactive features. Sweeping the screen can arouse snoring. And the sound of water and whirlpool will touch every corner. Different touch actions can produce different effects, such as speeding up water waves or creating a unique ripple pattern. Use your imagination to create the ideal water scene. A dynamic water ripple effect is also produced when turning pages.

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In addition to splashing water, the pond offers many other fun games, such as a fish, a fish swim. or a river bed from stone to earth, and other unexpected features. Choose the creature you want and build your own aquarium. The following is a paid version and a free version of the list of features, hardly any other wallpaper free version will provide so many rich and interesting features: 

Free version features:
wave strength – to set the wave strength is low, medium and high 
waves radius – Set wave radius low, medium and high 
customization fish – a total of four different fish, each fish you can choose to place the 0 to 3, Create your own aquarium pond 
pretty scene/background themes – in addition to the default of stone background, in addition, there are bright background muddy.

S4 水塘动态壁纸 Free Download

App Name:S4 水塘动态壁纸
Current Version:1.18
File Size:17 MB

S4 水塘动态壁纸 V1.18 

Download from Google Play

Final Words:

There are too many advance features on S4 水塘动态壁纸 App. You may download it from our website from the above download link. Thank you very much for visiting our website.

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