How To Make Android Phone Faster

Nowadays we can use an android phone for many reasons. We can do any work using the android phone. When we buy a new android phone Generally we can see our new phone is working slow after some month. But if you want to make your Android Phone faster, so you can easily do it. You have to need to know about this trick. Today I went to share some tricks About phone working faster. How to make your older Android phone more faster like new phone.
You have no need to buy a new android phone. You can make your android phone faster without any cost. Just need some tips and tricks.

How to make android phone faster

If your read this post carefully and follow our tips and tricks so you can easily make your Android phone faster. You can get completely idea to make your old phone faster like new phone. So read this post carefully. No more talking , just go to our main point.

Make Android Phone Faster

Delete the Cache Partition

The case and the application between have too many differences. The cache help to save temporary files in your Android phone. But this files is not necessary for you. If you clear the Cache partition from your phone so you can see your phone is working fast then before clear the Cache partition. You have need to open “Recovery Mode Boot” option for clean the Cache partition. If you do not know how to do the “Recovery Mode Boot” so, search it on google. When the “Recovery Mode Boot” is become successfully so press the “Down” key from the “Volume” key And the select on the “Wipe Cache Partition” option. Then delete the “Cache Partition” from your android phone.

Use Any Third Party Launcher in Your Android Phone

I think every smartphone user know about the third party launcher. Some Brand build their android device that’s occupies of some part in your storage device. Meanwhile, if you want to change your device’s “Look & Feel” so you can do it easily. Nowadays you can see many “Launcher” apps that help you to navigate your phone easy. The Nova Launcher, Go Launcher EX,Apex Launcher etc working very fast among the all of launcher. If you use these launcher so you can get better result. You may use Nova Launcher Prime Apk to make your Android Phone Amazing.

Reset the Factory Settings

If you use your android phone from long time so you have need to give Reset the Factory Settings. That’s reason is many time when you set enough security but there has some “Malware” and “Junk” files in your smartphone. If you “reset the Factory” so you will free from these problem. If you want to “Reset” your factory settings so you have need to go to in setting option. Then go to “Backup & Reset” option. Then find the “Factory data reset” option. When you get this option then press “Ok” for “Reset” your factory settings.

Over- Clock

Many android manufacturer “Limit” their “speed” for increase the battery backup. This reason the “Processor” do not work in full speed. Now you can also able to “Over-Clock” your Android smartphone easily. If you want to do the “Over-Clock” your phone so you have need to “Root” your phone. If your android device is “Rooted” so you can do it easily using an app. Use the “SetCPU” or “Android Over-Clock” apps for “Over-Clock” your phone.

Use Other Custom Rom

If you want to increase your android phone’s perform so change your “stock rom”. This is an advance way to make your phone faster. However, if you “Root” your phone so you can’t able to make faster your phone. But if you change the “ROM” from your android phone so it is help you to make your phone more then faster.
You have need to learn many thing about this tricks. Because many device stop the update on their “Stock ROM”. This reason these device’s do not get new update. Basically you have need to “Custom ROM” for this reason. If you want to change your android phone’s stock rom so I suggest you please carefully research about this.

If you follow these all rules so you can easily make your phone more then faster. And your phone will work very faster. No need to buy a new phone :-p

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