How To Keep Battery Charge Long Time In Any Smartphone

Today I want to share some important trick for Smart Phone charge backup time. Smart phone like a completely Computer. You can get some advance feature in your smart phone. But you can’t get these features in a low quality computer. It is an important and good thing of any new generation Smart phone.

But all the user’s have only one complain. This complains is charge do not long lasting.

Now let’s go to learn some tips for long lasting smart phone charge.

How to increase Smart Phone battery backup

In this post you can learn the important things. If you following rules so you can keep long time backup your smart phone battery charge.

Keep Brightness Low

Low brightness is good for any smart phone. If you keep high range brightness in your smart phone so it is very harmful for battery backup. You can easily change the brightness in your smart phone using “Settings” option. If you keep low brightness in your smart phone so you can’t feel comfortable. But it’s help to increase your battery backup time. After some days you can feel normal. If you do not like this way so you can use the auto brightness system in your smart phone. It help to increase the battery charge.

Off All Wireless Connection

The GPRS/EDGE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc wireless connection should be close when it’s no need. Because when these connection are “On” so this time you can see your phone battery charge going to low. Because these connection try to finding nearest source connection. And this time cost battery charge too much.

Stop Sync Notification

The Email, Facebook, Google+ , Twitter etc application have the “Push Notification” system in any android smart phone. The “Push Notification” help to collect new data after some. This reason your phone will work automatically after some time for the “Push Notification” feature. This feature helps you to get new notification easily. But it is very harmful for battery backup. If you stop this notification so you can see your smart phone battery gives good backup.

Use Wi-Fi

The GPRS/EDGE, 3G network connection is good for using internet in any smart phone. But the Wi-Fi is very good for any smart phone more then the GPRS/EDGE, 3G network connection for internet connection. This is shown in a testing, if you use the internet using Wi-Fi connection so this is very good for battery backup. So I suggest to you use the Wi-Fi connection for using internet if you want to keep charge long time in your smart phone. And you also get high speed internet in your android phone easily using the Wi-Fi connection.

Lock Your Phone When It’s No Need

Lock your smart phone when you do not use it. But you can get call and sms in your phone. If you do not lock your phone so this time some of the service automatically will run in your phone. It is very bad for battery backup time. If you lock your phone so you can able to save your smart phone battery chare and also automatic phone call and sms. Phone lock help to do not run any application unnecessary pressing.

Away Multi Apps

You can use many apps in an Android smartphone. If you open many apps in time so you can see battery charge will going to be low easily. It is not only for battery charge but also it is harmful to working speed in your phone. So I suggest you do not open many apps at the same time. If you do not open many apps (Music and internet) same time in your phone so it is helpful for charge back up. You can get the long-lasting backup in your phone. You may use Nova Launcher Prime Apk to make your phone faster.

Off All Apps When It’s Not Necessary

When finished using any apps so the app should be closed. If you minimize any apps so these apps will run in background. Many apps also able to get and send data from internet easily. If you want to keep battery charge long time in your phone so you have should need to “Off” all apps when finished using.

Firmware Update

Recently new software (Called Firmware) is very good for any android smart phone. Android-Jelly Bean/Ice Cream Sandwich etc android operating system builders always working for correction any error . Generally you can get these update without any cost. It is completely free for all user. The new firmware have use new update and this update help to correction your previous errors.

Use External Battery

Nowadays many smart phone use the lithium-ion battery. If you want to charge your smart phone battery so you can easily can do it. You can see many device for charging. And many user’s use more charger. If you give chance to full low the battery charge in each month so it is very helpful for any smart phone battery backup.

If you follow these rules so you can easily keep your android phone battery charge long time easily. And you can also get many apps for battery charge saving. You can also use these apps for increase battery charge.

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