ES File Explorer Apk Pro Free Download (Latest 2019)

The ES File Explorer Apk is a great application that can easily manage all files and programs of your device. The Pro version has various cool features including direct cloud drive storage and a tool that can kill running apps. Besides, this app has an FTP client that will enable you to use it on both your phone and PC. You can Download ES File Explorer Pro from our website.

However, the ES file manager amazing app will allow you to manage your all Android files easily and you will be also able to get access anything on your Smartphone and share it. You can upload photos, watch movies, and manage 3G connection through the ES file Explorer APK.

Here, you will also find classic options that are available on the desktop like a copy, cut, paste, delete, create, and rename as well.

At the same time, you can send files to anybody via emails as well. So, you must download and use this app.

ES File Explorer for Android

Probably as an android user you may looking for the download file manager for android.

Now Download Es file explorer for android. Therefore, it is is the best platform for downloading any file manager Apk for your android. The ES explorer will help you to manage any download.

ES File Explorer Apk Pro

Also, download other file manager apk for android.

The Pro ES file explorer also the latest version of the file manager. Android mobile software downloads option means where android users want to download Es file explorer via file downloader and want to install. Another most are looking file manager for install file browser on their android.

ES application download is not supported by explorer but you can use es for the file browser. We are giving you the pro es file explorer app freely. Therefore, download pro version freely from there. Just click on the download button and get the all file manager app free download.

ES File Explorer Pro Free Download

Probably you are searching best file manager for android, therefore you can check es file explorer pro for android and PC.

Download Pro es for the tablet too. The pro version of this best file manager has nice features. There are many file manager features for browser app.

Most of all love to use pro version of any apk. There are many Pro File Manager Apk but ES file explorer pro is the best. Just click on the download link from below and get the download link for es downloader.

This is the best explorer android. The features of pro es file browser have been listed below.

  • Cut the file for pest another folder.
  • Copy a file to make another file at the other storage.
  • Easily move a file from one space to other space.
  • Check your internal storage and external storage.
  • Free up your android memory very easily.
  • Scan your memory cache by es file browser.
  • Browser full details and information about the file.
  • Share file with friends through email, social sites and much more.
  • Clear navigation for the file explorer.

In addition, there are a lot of features for exploring all file from the storage. That’s why you should use it right now on your android as a file browser.

ES File Explorer 2019 APK Latest Version

You must download the ES Explorer APK on your Android device because it will allow you to manage all your files and apps easily.

In that time, you can also create ZIP and RAR formats with this app which is very helpful and useful too.

Moreover, you can get access to the contents of various documents in many different file types and also access the content on your PC via a Wi-Fi network.

Now, you can see the ES Explorer APK is the very useful tool. That’s why you must download ES Explorer APK latest version free from here. There are many android version for free download es file explorer apk.

We are providing you with the latest version of the free es file explorer. For this reason, click the download button from below and get the latest version of es file explorer free.

It is fully free and latest version of es file explorer apk. There are several version of the free version. But always you should download only the latest version of the apk.

App details for downloading free ES file manager
App Name:ES File Explorer File Manager
Current Version:
File Size:16MB
Ratings4.5 out of 5
Total downloads: 100,000,000+
Updated Time: January 17, 2019
Rating user:5,138,636+

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Google Play Download

Install ES File Explorer Pro on Android

Incidentally, it is the time for installing es file explorer pro on android. By the same token, you have downloaded the file from the link has provided.

And now install it on your space. All things considered, you can easily install file manager application and you have no need file downloader application for it.

As you can install file explorer/file manager from google play but don’t be possible to download it. If you want to direct installation then go to google play.

Es File Manager

There is es file installation. But here is another easy step to install and take your source file for future installation probably to share with your friends.

All things considered first of all download from the download button and wait for a little bit for completing the download.

At this point, you are ready to install es file explorer pro on your android. As a matter of fact, easily update file es browser very easily from the app dashboard.

The interface of the ultimate app is very slandered. Hope every user will love full navigation of this best file explorer. Don’t wait for using it.

The ES File Explorer Pro APK Features

There are a lot of features on this is unique and nice file explorer.

Above all, you love to using File manager or file browser on the android.

It will give you the best interface for file explorer. There are a lot of features for using it on android mobile. Even so read all the features on our website.

  • Es file explorer as local/LAN/Bluetooth/cloud storage file

Use es file browser for the local/LAN or FTP connection.

There are some all features what has been included by the developer at the file. I have listed all the storage file and security & application task manager.

You can use it as a bookmark manager too. It will work as a local, LAN, FTP, Bluetooth and cloud storage file operating system app.

  • Now Change view and short any file location from the space.
  • Search any file on external or internal space.
  • Share any file with your friends via Bluetooth and emails.
  • From here on play audio and video from the gallery of the android.

There is another facility of the app. Most of the user can not storage big file in the clipboard.

But if you use it you can multi-operate on file/apps very easily on the clipboard. There are some features included

Zip or unzip the files through ES File Explorer

When we use a combined file to upload or download we need a zip compressor for doing this all activities.

For this reason, es file manager will support it in the same way. Now you, not any other application for unzipping any file accordingly to make a zip file.

In the same way, you can upload your zip file from there. In this point, I am showing you how to zip a file.

However,  making a zip file thought es file explorer has become very easy. First of all, go to your file manager option and select the folder that you want to zip. In this way pass the folder the two (2) seconds and it will show you make a zip folder.

Now you can easily make a zip folder and also can upload it on the internet. Incidentally, uploads the files on the google drive or dropbox from the es file manager.

Play Audio and video file locally/remotely via ES File Manager

Now play video or audio from the es file browser too. It will work as a file browser although video player.

So Now directly play video from the file storage and get the nice interface at the same place. Some user is also using the online player of the android.

The ES file manager also supports WebM player. ES file browser will work as like browser video player. These file browser stream video very easily. It will not buffer the video.

All the details at a glance

  • This app will allow you to manage files and data on your Android device.
  • It will also enable you to manage all apps on your device.
  • You can create RAR and ZIP formats with this application.
  • You can see images and APK’s thumbnails through this app.
  • It supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Sky drive, and much more.
  • You can copy paste files between devices through the ES Explorer.
How to Use ES File Explorer APK?

At first, download the ES Explorer APK from below downloading link. Then place that APK file on your storage. After that, open that APK file and click on the Install button. Now, wait until the installation is finished. We should use it on your android mobile. The navigation of the es file browser is very easy. Every android user can use it very easily.

The navigation of the es explorer is in front of you. So need not to know the extra function. Accordingly, need to to be expert at the Android user.

ES file manager as a storage Analyzer:

When we use memory it stores junk file on the memory. which takes space from the memory.

Es Storage Analyzer

As a matter of fact, most of the android Sd card user doesn’t know about it. The junk file also takes extra RAM also. So as a smartphone user you should clear all that junk file from the storage. But as there is no default option, we can’t do that. So es file explorer will help to remove memory cache for you.

In any case, download the free es manager for storage analyze. The storage analyze has become so easier thought it.

Cloud Storage for Es file explorer file manager

At the same time, the es file explorer file manager will work for cloud storage. At this point, the cloud storage has become a much easier thought es file manager free application. You can also get better performance when you use Nova Launcher Prime Apk in your android. The Android user can store the files, documents and all kinds of the file at the cloud storage. The cloud storage means upload your files into virtual storage.

Also Download:

  • Lucky Patcher Apk
  • Ogyoutube 2019
  • Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Es file explorer will help you to store your files seems like apps, images, music, movies, downloads, document, and others to the dropbox,, sugarsync, Google drive, oneDrive (skyDrive), Yandex and more. Actually, it supports all major cloud storage of the internet.

Es file explorer file manager for root explorer

The root explorer is the ultimate function of file managing tools for the root user.

In this ultra, modern android users want to root their phone to get extra facilities at the same place. The user also using lucky patcher for rooting android games.

Es file explorer file manager for root explorer

So if you are root android user, you should use ES file manager as root file managing tools.

ES file manager will help a root user to bypass app permission. All things considered, now use es file manager for root file manager. And it wills the entire file system and all data directories.

  • Also, allow the user to change the app permission.
  • The full activities list for the root user.
  • One key installs the app.
  • One key uninstall App.
  • Backup your app and data instantly.
  • Startup manager.
  • Mount R/W option
  • Stop Permission.
ES file manager as a library and other:

The ES file manager will work like the directory witch so-called document library.

The app library means it is an app manager free software. ES browser acts like app manager, uninstall an app, take a backup of the app. ES manager also helpful for creating a shortcut icon for the front face of the android. The ES file manager has a nice feature which called apps configuration. All configuration details, force stop of an app and highlight an app all are at the same place. It is the combined file for all apps. So if you use it, you need not download another app for your android mobile.

Most Important Features of ES File Explorer
  • ES file Manager works like File transfer

The ES file explorer works as like file transfer app. There are so many android users who are using shareit software for File transfer.

ES File Explorer File Transfer

In this case, you can use it for file transfer. There is a nice option for those who love to share a file quickly and the safe way. The Es explorer will help you to share your file very quickly and at the same time very safe way.

In this tutorial, I am showing you how to share your files with another android user. There an option for file transfer and other option is just hold your finger at the app and presumably get a popup option.

The pop-up option will show you share file. In fact, it is one of the easiest and quick way to share file.

There is two option one is sent and another receives. When you want to get a file from another android user, you just click on the receiver option and it will ask your permission for receiving the file.

In this way, es file explorer can receive and sends any file instantly.

Es file Manager for Note Edition

There is some android who are looking for the best note editor app on the google play.

In this fact, the ES file manager will help you. ES file explorer gives you these facilities too. There are many types of editing option. ES file manager helps you to rename your files like .txt, .html, .js and much more.

Note Editor

So it will work like HTML and programming code editor. The note editor functions are save as, save all, recent files, line break, find/replace option.

Also has jumped to start and jump to end. As it were Jump to start and jump to end on the editor. The Es file manager being used globally.

As ES file manager works for note editor, that’s why pick all the task at the same software. To download the free es file explorer apk for android mobile.

Lastly, the ES Explorer APK is a great app that can help you to manage your device’s apps and files easily. It will also enhance you to view photos send watch movies as well.

So, you must download this free from here. But, if you face any problem, then you must leave a comment. In this review, I have shown you, ES file explorer download link and it’s all features.

You should free download the latest es file explorer file manager app for android mobile. Get the latest update news about this es file manager app from our site regularly.

Also, download the latest version of the ES file manager from there. Please submit your comment about ES File Explorer file manager apk. Thank You.

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